The Sign Store is fortunate to have creative designers and exemplary salespersons; but without a great team of fabricators in our metal shop their creations could not come to life. We utilize experienced craftsmen and women to bring to life the ideas created by the designers. 

Most projects begin with one of our CnC router technicians routing the substrate to shape. We utilize our routers to cut aluminum, PVC, acrylic, ACM panels and HDU signs.  After the project has been routed, we pass the material over to one of our metal fabricators.

Our metal fabricators and welders pride themselves on their ability to custom form the metal to any shape whether as a lighted pylon sign, lighted wall sign, custom monument sign or channel letters.

Once the fabrication is complete, the project is passed to our painting department. We paint all projects in house and take pride in the smooth finish and durable coat that is applied to each sign. After painting, the project will move to our electrical team that will wire the sign to UL standards.

The final step is having our quality control team check that the project meets all standards; before we either crate and ship the sign or store it for our installation department.

In addition to these departments we also have a team that utilizes state of the art channel letter machines to fabricate front lighted, reverse lighted and edge lighted channel letters. Our channel letters are fabricated to be either direct wall mounted or raceway mounted.

Included in our fabrication department is an ADA router technician that fabricates ADA signs and interior wayfinding signs. We offer a wide range of standard design packages or will help you create custom interior signs that reflect your image in a unique way.

Looking for a custom sign for your business?