Driving Your Brand's Success with Our State-of-the-Art Fleet and Expert Crew

Equipped with the right tools, The Sign Store is set to illuminate your brand. Essential to our work in the sign industry is our fleet of service trucks. Owned and meticulously maintained by us, our fleet ensures prompt installation and servicing of your signs.

But it's not just about the equipment – it's about our skilled team. With three certified welders on board, our installation crews are ready to handle any job with a high level of expertise.

Why settle for less? Choose The Sign Store for timely, professional service that puts your brand in the best light.

Our current fleet consists of:

  • 1  Altec 40 foot reach bucket truck
  • 2 Altec 48 foot reach lighting and repair bucket trucks
  • 2 Altec 63 foot reach bucket trucks
  • 1 Elliot 135 foot reach boom truck
  • 1 Auger Truck
  • Skid steer with auger & earth moving attachments 
  • Commercial dump trailer


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